China AWAITS is a JV committed to bringing the newest technologies from Israel to China in the fields of advanced-modern agriculture, clean water (for drinking, and agriculture), clean air, renewable energy, medical technologies, and high technology. China AWAITS will engage and invest in selected projects that coincide with the plans of the Central Government and of the Provinces, aiming to help achieve the goals in agricultural modernization and yield growth, cleaner water and air, better outputs in selected industries, and innovative education. Our executives bring a robust combination of on-the-ground experience, government and regulatory knowledge, and vast contacts in the fields of agriculture, technology, industry and commerce. China AWAITS will also serve as a bridge between the growth and expansion of China and the advanced technological expertise of Israel, the Start-Up Nation. Investment opportunities in Israel will range from companies in early stages of development to those in the more advanced stages who are looking to expand and grow.

The Israeli Advantage

Israel’s thriving entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge-based industries have been instrumental in creating some of the world’s most significant breakthroughs. Israel is a global leader in Agrotech, Water Treatment, Solar Energy, Life Science and Biotech. Israel’s advancements have helped cut costs, increase productivity, bring better, cleaner products to the consumer and increase the quality of living. Surrounded by desert and having two thirds of its own land as desert, Israel has had to cope with challenges that define many countries in the world today, including China.  From land mass that is too small for its population and needs to restricted water sources and small farming units, Israel took these disadvantages and turned them into opportunities.  Israel is the only country in the world to successfully conquer the desert by producing half of its vegetables there, using innovative water solutions like drip irrigation, harnessing water desalination, turning sewage into usable agriculture water, and by using solar power to generate and save electricity. All of this experience can be used in China to help the central and local governments as they collaborate with the private sector.

Consultancy, Management and Investment

Imagine fields and greenhouses as far as the eye can see. Imagine doubling the yields of the crops. Imagine better, safer food. Imagine tasteful, beautiful produce that is as great to the taste as it is pleasant to the eye. Imagine less pesticides, herbicides and chemicals in general. Imagine cleaner water, both for your home and for your agriculture. Imagine cleaner rivers, lakes, and beaches. Imagine clean air, with less pollution, with clear blue skies. China AWAITS can help achieve these goals for your company, your town, your city, and your province. China AWAITS works at both national and municipal levels, planning both large and small scale Projects bringing the government and private sector together.  We can plan and consult on large scale agricultural projects, advise on the right technologies, and ensure a successful implementation. We can devise a strategy to improve the water quality in a Province or a City starting from the initial plan, the overall look of the whole system, the right technologies and the most cost-effective solutions. Our team can solve problems in the fields of Agriculture, Water Treatment and Renewable Energy. As a managing partner on a project, the China AWAITS’ team will serve as hands-on, on-the-ground Managers.  Our team will make sure the implementation is done according to the highest standards of quality management. Each project will be assigned to one or more of the partners who will supervise a team of project managers.  Our management approach is often the difference between an average execution and a perfectly orchestrated success.

A Gateway to Israel

China AWAITS is an opportune gateway to Israel for Chinese investors interested in Israeli technologies and companies. Let our team find exceptional opportunities and drive successful projects with our unique combination of government experience and business acumen in one of the world’s most dynamic markets today.