Mr. Shalom Simhon – President

Mr.-Shalom-Simhon-200x300 Mr. Shalom Simhon served as Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor since January 2011 until March 2013. Prior to his position he also served as Minister of Agriculture (2006-2011) and Minister of Environmental Protection in 2005. Mr. Simhon was first elected to the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, in 1996 and was a Knesset Member until March 2013. As a MK he chaired the Agriculture Committee and the Finance Committee and was a member of various Committees including the Economic Affairs Committee and the Water Committee. Mr. Simhon resides in Moshav (cooperative farm village) Even Menahem in the north of Israel. Since the mid-1980s, he has been an active official in Tnuat-Hamoshavim (The Moshavim Movement comprised of 450 member villages). In that capacity, he has held various key positions: Secretary-General of the Moshavim Movement (1993-2001); Chairman, Moshavim Pension Fund (1993 – 2001); Secretary-General of the Agricultural Center – an umbrella association of various farmers’ organizations in Israel (1997-2001); Chairman, Administrative Council of Tnuva, Israel’s largest marketing and distributing cooperative for agricultural products (1993- 1996); and a member of the Board of Directors of Israel Lands Administration (1993 – 1996) Mr. Simhon was born in 1956 in Kfar Saba, Israel. He served in the Israel Defense Forces. He is married and has two children.

Mr. Osip Davidovich – President

Osip Davidovich_meitu_1Mr. Davidovich is an Israeli businessman and investor living in Moshav (cooperative farm village) Beerotaim in Israel and is the President of “Min Hateva”, a family owned Agriculture Company responsible for the production, marketing and distribution of 9% of the eggs in Israel. “Min Hateva” has presence in over 400 stores nation-wide, its own distribution system and a wide variety of eggs’ products (from regular, to super-fresh, free-range, organic, Omega-3 enriched and more) Mr. Davidovich is a pillar in the poultry industry in Israel; he had served as the first Chairman of the Organic Association in Israel, he was the first to bring Organic eggs to Israel and turn them into a household brand, he was in charge of getting the specialty eggs (Organic, Free-range, Omega-3, etc.) out of government supervision. Mr. Davidovich was born in the Soviet Union (Ukraine) and served as a lieutenant in the Soviet Army. He is married, has 3 sons and 3 grandchildren.

Mrs. Aihua Liu – Managing Partner

Aihua_meitu_1Mrs. Liu is a born and raised Chinese business woman. She has developed her own garment business in Shanghai and then made it international by opening an office in New York and approaching the American market. Mrs. Liu has worked with many famous international fashion brands like Coach, Abercombie and Fitch, U.S. Polo, Natori, etc. Mrs. Liu is also a real estate investor, successfully predicting trends in the real estate market both in China and the U.S. Mrs. Liu has always been an avid supporter of the Chinese workers and Chinese economy and her love and concern to China and its people had brought her to invest in and promote ITiC, understanding the benefits of Israeli technology to China’s agriculture, industry and quality of living. She resides in Shanghai and New York and is married.

Mr. Sharon Kedmi – Managing Partner

Mr.-Sharon-Kedmi Until June 2013, Sharon Kedmi served as the Director-General of Israel’s Ministry of Economy (Former Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor), Position he was appointed to in 2009. He was the highest ranking executive officer In the Ministry, and charged with the coordination and implementation of the Ministry’s policies in areas such as industrial & economic development, job creation, international trade and investment in technology infrastructure. Prior to his promotion, he was the Senior Economic Advisor to the Trade Minister, and was responsible for consolidation of the Ministry’s budget and activities. Until 2009, he was Senior Advisor to the Minister of Energy and Water Resources (former Ministry of Infrastructures), when he worked on policy development, international energy negotiations, and the deployment of smart grid technology and renewable energy across Israel In the private sector, Mr. Kedmi gained extensive experience working with international energy infrastructure. He also has experience in economics journalism, having worked as an infrastructure reporter and analyst for The Marker (leading Israeli business magazine) and having hosted a weekly radio show on the same topic. Mr. Kedmi was an officer in the Israeli Paratroopers, where he was a combat medic and instructor. He is a Sergeant Major in the reserves corps. He has a degree in International Relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and graduate degrees in finance and accounting. In addition to his native Hebrew, Mr. Kedmi speaks English, Russian and German. Mr. Kedmi is married with 3 children and an active triathlete.

Mr. David Yarden – CEO

David Yarden_meitu_1David Yarden has extensive experience in starting, running and managing new businesses; He started a Prep School for SAT, GMAT, GRE and TOEFL in Singapore, helping bringing it to a 50% market share within 2 years. He was the CEO of a real estate brokerage firm in New York with 40 agents, three offices and $250 million in annual sales. He managed large clients’ accounts in a well-known art gallery in New York achieving record sales. He grew up in Moshav (cooperative farm village) Beerotaim in Israel, working in all walks of agriculture; from dairy and vegetables to flowers and grain, but the main family business has always been poultry. Min Hateva is the family business, working with over 400 stores nation-wide, reaching a 9% market share. Mr. Yarden has experience in working with the livestock, distribution chain, business development and more. Mr. Yarden had served in the Israeli Air-Force as a Captain. He is married.